JB EcoTech is an independent company that offers consulting services for solar installations. We are not tied to any specific supplier of solar cells and can be with you as an impartial discussion partner all the way from your first view of a solar installation to a complete working plant.

We can provide assistance with:

Feasibility study
A simpler feasibility study where we look at interesting properties and anticipate the installation size, cost, and an approximate annual production.

We do a thorough project planning where we look at property opportunities for photovoltaic plant and together with you, we determine the type of installation, electrical connection and positioning of the inverter.

After planning, we design the tender documentation with requirements specification, and requirements for guarantees for the planned establishment.

Evaluation of tenders
When contractors have submitted bids for the project according to the tender documentation, we help to evaluate the bids and recommend appropriate contractors.

The contractor who wins the tender will perform the installation, but we can be present if any questions arise during the installation.

For larger installations where several contractors are involved, we can help with the overall project management for the installation to ensure that the project runs as quickly and smoothly as possible for you.

We will help with the final inspection of the system and verify that the work is performed according to the established guidelines.

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